Pirates of the Carob Bean

Brett Thompson


Two or three flutes with optional piano
(Looking for different instrumentation? Contact us and see if we can help!)



1 minute 10 seconds


Folk (14): Sea shanty (4)

Many people are unaware of, or have only vaguely heard about, the not especially dreaded pirate “Chocolate Beard” who specialised in raiding shipments of carob beans during the late sixteenth century. It was not recorded specifically that “Chocolate Beard” liked to sing but knowing that all pirates like a good sing-a-long after a bottle of rum or two, I am speculating that he and his crew on occasion probably crooned out “Yo ho ho and a jar of carob-coated licorice drops”.

This tune, worthy of any self-respecting pirate, is in a flexible format that can be played as a duet or trio with optional piano. It also includes alpha-note parts to help kick-start your junior ensemble.

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