Fantasy on “The Augathella Drovers”

Brett Thompson


Flute, viola & guitar
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5 minutes 50 seconds


This work was commissioned for and premiered in conjunction with “The Long Paddock” art exhibition held at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in May 2017. “The Long Paddock” is the colloquial name given to the historical travelling stock routes of Australia. “The Augathella Drovers”, also known as “Augathella Station”, “Farewell Brisbane Ladies”, or simply “The Drover’s Song” is an Australian folk song based on a well-known English original called “Ladies of Spain. The song bids farewell to the Ladies of Brisbane on the drovers’ departure and follows their journey along the stock route to the Augathella Station (nearly 800 kilometres inland) in much the same way that the English sailors bid farewell to the ladies of Spain. The premiere was given by myself (flute), Tamaris Pfeiffer (viola) and Jeff Donovan (guitar). I am grateful to Jeff for his assistance with guitar logistics.

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